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US Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 USD to EUR 0.8172 trending_up 0.0012 0.1514%
1 USD to GBP 0.7180 trending_down -0.0010 -0.1402%
1 USD to INR 63.8014 trending_down -0.0701 -0.1098%
1 USD to AUD 1.2559 trending_up 0.0080 0.6378%
1 USD to CAD 1.2477 trending_up 0.0016 0.1288%
1 USD to ZAR 12.1542 trending_up 0.0550 0.4549%
1 USD to NZD 1.3668 trending_down -0.0013 -0.0943%
1 USD to JPY 110.5041 trending_down -0.2229 -0.2013%

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