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US Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 USD to EUR 0.8114 trending_down -0.0028 -0.3452%
1 USD to GBP 0.7051 trending_down -0.0066 -0.9219%
1 USD to INR 65.1103 trending_down -0.0906 -0.1390%
1 USD to AUD 1.2943 trending_down -0.0077 -0.5886%
1 USD to CAD 1.2870 trending_down -0.0124 -0.9530%
1 USD to ZAR 11.8115 trending_down -0.1831 -1.5262%
1 USD to NZD 1.3813 trending_down -0.0154 -1.1002%
1 USD to JPY 105.6388 trending_down -0.6128 -0.5767%

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