Exchange rate, the price for which Australian Dollar is exchanged for British Pound.

As of 2017-04-29, 100 AUD = 57.86 GBP which also means 100 Australian Dollar = 57.86 British Pound

100 Australian Dollar to British Pound exchange rates

Australian Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 AUD to GBP 0.5786 trending_up 0.0015 0.2648%
1 AUD to GBP 0.5770 trending_down -0.0024 -0.4201%
1 AUD to GBP 0.5795 trending_down -0.0050 -0.8554%
1 AUD to GBP 0.5845 trending_down -0.0030 -0.5176%
1 AUD to GBP 0.5875 trending_down -0.0038 -0.6462%
1 AUD to GBP 0.5913 trending_up 0.0027 0.4615%

100 Australian Dollar to British Pound chart

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