Exchange rate, the price for which Australian Dollar is exchanged for US Dollar.

As of 2017-06-24, 100 AUD = 75.76 USD which also means 100 Australian Dollar = 75.76 US Dollar

100 Australian Dollar to US Dollar exchange rates

Australian Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 AUD to USD 0.7576 trending_up 0.0013 0.1716%
1 AUD to USD 0.7563 trending_up 0.0018 0.2369%
1 AUD to USD 0.7545 trending_down -0.0028 -0.3696%
1 AUD to USD 0.7573 trending_down -0.0036 -0.4680%
1 AUD to USD 0.7609 trending_down -0.0003 -0.0359%
1 AUD to USD 0.7612 trending_down -0.0012 -0.1574%

100 Australian Dollar to US Dollar chart

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