Exchange rate, the price for which Canadian Dollar is exchanged for Indian Rupee.

As of 2017-10-19, 100 CAD = 5221.59 INR which also means 100 Canadian Dollar = 5221.59 Indian Rupee

100 Canadian Dollar to Indian Rupee exchange rates

Canadian Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 CAD to INR 52.2159 trending_up 0.2086 0.4010%
1 CAD to INR 52.0074 trending_up 0.2589 0.5004%
1 CAD to INR 51.7484 trending_up 0.0151 0.0291%
1 CAD to INR 51.7334 trending_down -0.1946 -0.3747%
1 CAD to INR 51.9280 trending_down -0.1124 -0.2160%
1 CAD to INR 52.0403 trending_down -0.1460 -0.2797%

100 Canadian Dollar to Indian Rupee chart

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