Exchange rate, the price for which British Pound is exchanged for New Zealand Dollar.

As of 2017-10-19, 100 GBP = 187.21 NZD which also means 100 British Pound = 187.21 New Zealand Dollar

100 British Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rates

British Pound Converter Close Change Return
1 GBP to NZD 1.8721 trending_up 0.0240 1.2978%
1 GBP to NZD 1.8481 trending_up 0.0074 0.4008%
1 GBP to NZD 1.8408 trending_down -0.0096 -0.5206%
1 GBP to NZD 1.8504 trending_down -0.0010 -0.0540%
1 GBP to NZD 1.8514 trending_down -0.0080 -0.4290%
1 GBP to NZD 1.8594 trending_up 0.0068 0.3662%

100 British Pound to New Zealand Dollar chart

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