Exchange rate, the price for which New Zealand Dollar is exchanged for Canadian Dollar.

As of 2017-10-19, 100 NZD = 87.60 CAD which also means 100 New Zealand Dollar = 87.60 Canadian Dollar

100 New Zealand Dollar to Canadian Dollar exchange rates

New Zealand Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 NZD to CAD 0.8760 trending_down -0.0171 -1.9173%
1 NZD to CAD 0.8932 trending_down -0.0070 -0.7827%
1 NZD to CAD 0.9002 trending_up 0.0006 0.0644%
1 NZD to CAD 0.8996 trending_up 0.0053 0.5965%
1 NZD to CAD 0.8943 trending_up 0.0028 0.3139%
1 NZD to CAD 0.8915 trending_up 0.0041 0.4608%

100 New Zealand Dollar to Canadian Dollar chart

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