Exchange rate, the price for which US Dollar is exchanged for Japanese Yen.

As of 2017-05-26, 100 USD = 11092.22 JPY which also means 100 US Dollar = 11092.22 Japanese Yen

100 US Dollar to Japanese Yen exchange rates

US Dollar Converter Close Change Return
1 USD to JPY 110.9222 trending_down -0.9344 -0.8353%
1 USD to JPY 111.8565 trending_up 0.0672 0.0601%
1 USD to JPY 111.7894 trending_up 0.4886 0.4390%
1 USD to JPY 111.3008 trending_down -0.1619 -0.1452%
1 USD to JPY 111.4627 trending_up 0.2509 0.2256%
1 USD to JPY 111.2118 trending_down -0.1855 -0.1665%

100 US Dollar to Japanese Yen chart

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