Exchange rate, the price for which South African Rand is exchanged for New Zealand Dollar.

As of 2017-08-17, 100 ZAR = 10.36 NZD which also means 100 South African Rand = 10.36 New Zealand Dollar

100 South African Rand to New Zealand Dollar exchange rates

South African Rand Converter Close Change Return
1 ZAR to NZD 0.1036 trending_down -0.0006 -0.5429%
1 ZAR to NZD 0.1042 trending_up 0.0009 0.8951%
1 ZAR to NZD 0.1033 trending_up 0.0001 0.1103%
1 ZAR to NZD 0.1032 trending_up 0.0017 1.7051%
1 ZAR to NZD 0.1014 trending_down -0.0003 -0.3179%
1 ZAR to NZD 0.1018 trending_down -0.0012 -1.1778%
1 ZAR to NZD 0.1030 trending_up 0.0016 1.5317%

100 South African Rand to New Zealand Dollar chart

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